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Helm Capital is

an independent specialist advisory and investment organisation dedicated to small and medium enterprises.


Trade Winds Capital Ltd. and Helm S.r.l. have partnered to create a corporate finance boutique dedicated to small and medium enterprises. We have three divisions: Advisory, Consulting and Direct Investing. We have a team of 5 people in two offices (London and Milan) and a network of strong contacts in the Americas and in Asia.

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We offer corporate finance services to small and medium enterprises who, because of the relatively smaller deal size, often find it difficult to have access to top quality investment banking service.

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In selected circumstances, we invest directly or alongside our financial partners in companies with a proven revenue model and profitability to accelerate growth or facilitate generational change.

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We leverage our consulting and private equity experience to support our clients in projects related to strategy, performance improvement and mentoring of CEOs or future CEOs.

Uniqueness of our approach in M&A

We believe our approach is unique for two main reasons:


We manage the “full picture”.


Our senior people master each step in any project or in any transaction, from the Letter of Intent to price adjustment procedures and litigation (when it occurs).


This makes a difference, since the “pocket price” of any transaction is often affected by a number of “little issues” that in the early stage are not easy to foresee.


We align our interests to our clients’ objectives.


We help our clients to choose their objectives and support them in the achievement with experience and motivation.


We don’t parachute junior consultants in front of senior customers.


We are prepared to bind part of our compensation to performance achieved by our customers.